Old Town Parking

The Chicago neighborhood of Old Town boasts some of the city’s more intimate theaters and art galleries. With summer add in street festivals and outside dining, and you’ve got a perfect place to spend a day or weekend.

However, since it’s not a one of Chicago’s best-kept secrets, you can also expect a lot of hassle trying to find parking! 

Thank goodness for SpotHero! Using this convenient website where you can easily reserve parking at discounted prices, you’ll never have to rule out a trip to Old Town again! 

Park from 6am-6pm for only $10, or take advantage of a night special from 5pm-5am for as low at $6!! Reserve your spot now!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us directly at info@spothero.com or call 312-566-7768 Thanks!


   image from flickr