Parking Smart Phone Apps

Parking Mobile Apps for Smart Phones

Chicago Parking SpotHero  For Android, this allows you to search for parking spots and pre reserve and book them directly through the app.  This is a platform for garages and lots to gain mobile exposure.

Chicago Parking SpotHero For iPhone, this allows you to search for parking spots and pre reserve and book them directly through the app.  This is a platform for garages and lots to gain mobile exposure.

ParkCirca – Offers sharing of parking spots with a credit system where you earn credits for letting other people park in your spot.  You can then spend those same credits by parking in other people’s spots who are also in the program.  This app is free.

Parkopedia – Brilliant Parkopedia Mobile app available for iPhone and Android platforms and also Mobile Web

ParkingInMotion (PIM) – Find parking from your iphone, android, or blackberry.  Also supports airport parking feature.  This app is free.

BestParking – Compare parking prices from your iphone, android, or blackberry.  Supports lots of cities and airports.

Taxi Share Chicago – Not a parking app, but an app that helps drivers nonetheless.  This app helps you find a taxi cab quick in the city of Chicago.  Available for Android marketplace.

FasPark – Mobile parking app to find parking fast.  Currently available in Android and web based for other smart phones.  FasPark is currently in beta and limited to Chicago at this time.

ParkDroid – Helps you find where you parked your car with GPS and a digital compass.

MobileParkingApps – Only used for Chicago.  Am not a fan.  And this app costs $1.99!  Read customer reviews here.  Low functionality and not useful.

PrimoSpot – Compare street parking availability, garage parking, and bicycle racks.  Supported in select areas of New York City, Hoboken, Seattle, Boston, and Cambridge.  This app is $2.99. (For iphone).

OpenSpot – Available for android.  “Open Spot works by letting people who are leaving parking spots share their spots with people who are searching for parking.” Really good idea in theory, but what’s to stop someone from heading directly into that “open spot” and not reporting it.  If I see an “open spot” somewhere, some other car can park in it while I am on the way there.

PrettigParkeren – I don’t speak Dutch, so thank you Google Translate 🙂  PrettigParkeren Provides information on where to park and find out how much.  Has the option to pay and supports SMSParking, and YellowBrick Parking, but no longer ParkLine and ParkMobile.  This app is free.

SpotSwitch – Free iphone app – find available parking spots in real time from “parking network”.  Seems similar to Google’s OpenSpot.  There is a nice feature which helps if you forgot where you parked your car.  The app will store your car’s location.  You can also receive SMS text messages when your meter runs out.

Parker – “Parker shows you where the spaces are open right now, with live information from sensors. No parking available on the street just now? Parker also shows you where convenient parking lots and garages are.”  This app is free.

SFPark – Allows you to check out parking spot availability in real time in supported areas.  Currently in San Francisco, you can see if a parking spot is occupied because of sensors in each space.  Check out in Apple Store.

ParkLine – Mobile Parking App available for android and iphone for use in the Netherlands.

RingGo – Mobile Payments for parking.  Supported in the UK and USA.

ParkingGenius – Parking Genius™ is the all new smartphone app that provides real-time parking availability from the most accurate vehicle detection in the industry, for both iPhone and Androi

CelloPark – iPhone App available in Israel only.

Transit Genie – Real time public transit navigator for the city of Chicago.  (I know not a parking app, but it’s pretty cool!)

Chauntry Mobile – Available in iPhone and Android platforms.  Parkspace app provides airport parking solutions.

ParkBudMobile App offers comprehensive parking assistance.

ParkMobile – Pay By Phone Parking Mobile Apps.

ParkingAuction – App that lets drivers auction public parking spaces.

QuickPay – Mobile payments.

ParkingSociety – Mobile Phone app launched in New Jersey and NYC to rent and rent out your parking space.

ParkShark – Mobile solutions for parking.

iWillPark – Rent a spot and rent out your spot.  Not yet launched.

CarParkingGuru – Price comparison for Australia New Zealand and Singapore

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