parking tip tuesday

Parking Tip Tuesday: Baseball Parking

Spots! Spots!

Get yer Ice Cold Spots!

Okay, so they wont be ice cold, but I really wanted to use the beer guy voice in my headline. Baseball season has finally arrived, even if the weather says otherwise. The Cubs, Sox, Nationals and the rest of the MLB are off and rounding first, on what hopes to be another exciting season! This parking tip tuesday brings the baseball fan into the world of reserving parking, much like you would reserve a ticket to a game! 

SeatGeek + SpotHero = A Homerun!

The baseball metaphors just keep comin! Similar to StubHub and SeatGeek, SpotHero allows you to reserve your “spot” even before you reach the ballpark (the parking lot). You can search around for the best seat in the house, whatever is closest to the stadium, and see how much you will pay. Sure, you can wing it and hope to scalp something close to game time, but you can run into overpaying and end up with a poor experience. With SpotHero, know where you will park, and know how much you will spend days before the first pitch! 

Cubs Parking

SpotHero got its start reserving parking for Cubs fans, so we hold these spots and customers near and dear to our hearts. We have dozens of parking spots nearby Wrigley Field, and you can reserve them for any game of the season right now! Head over to our Wrigley Field parking page to find your game, and your spot now. Go Cubs Go!

Nationals Parking

Just this past month SpotHero started offering reserved parking in our Nationals Capital, which includes Nationals Park Parking. We have some great locations nearby the park, waiting for your car. Don’t wait, reserve now and go Nats! 

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