parking tip tuesday

Parking Tip Tuesday: Illegal Parking

Areas around the city where it is illegal to park 

SpotHero is all about trying to save people from receiving the dreaded orange parking tickets. So, we wanted to cover some city and town basics of where you absolutely cannot park. Some might be more obvious than others, but maybe the next time you want to pull off to the side of the Dan Ryan and try to park, you will take a second guess. 

Happy Parking!

No Parking!

• On Highways and Expressways (This is an obvious ones)

• In a crosswalk, or intersection (Again, starting obvious) 

• In front of someones driveway (people’s gotsta get threw!) 

• In any fire lane, or in front of any fire hydrant (so maybe a lot of these are obvious)

• In an underpass or on a bridge 

• Along a blue curb (this is reserved for handicapped or disabled parking) 

• Beside another parked vehicle – no double parking! (Unless you live in Chicago, right?)

double parking