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Parking Tip Tuesday: Tailgating

Tailgate the right way

An American tradition that rivals the declaration of independence, tailgating is as American as they come. Food, drinking and sports; don’t get much bettet! It is not uncommon to hear about people tailgating all day, and not even entering the stadium on game day. How can you go wrong with your favorite team, your favorite eats, and your favorite friends! To make sure you have the time of your life, i’ve put together a few quick tailgating tips. It’s always nice to have a reminder. Go (insert your favorite team here)!

Arrive Early

Lets be real. Tailgating is all about making the time worth it. You can’t wake up late on a Sunday and try to tailgate for an hour. Set the alarm for the crack of dawn, and spring outta bed! Spots will be limited, and you know you want everything to look good. After all, you look good, you feel good, you play good; this rule holds true for tailgating. 

Know the Rules

Each venue has its own set of rules, and you do not want to cut your tailgating time short because you did not read them. Each team will have a section dedicated to tailgating rules on the official website. Jump on a few days before the game, and plan accordingly. 

Chicago Bears Game Day Info

Tailgate Cruiser: Nationals Park Tailgating Information

Eat the local stuff (don’t go fancy)

I know you’ve been doing this for a while, and you’re itching to try some new fancy foods. I can assure you however, when it comes to tailgating, stick with the good stuff. Tailgating is not designed for fancy foods, and metal silverwhare. Stick with the fast, easy (usually greasy) foods. For Chicagoans, you gotta go with Vienna Beef. A Chicago original, they thrive on tailgating favorites like the hot dog, polish sausage and burgers. For all my DC fans out there, it looks like you guys enjoy some classic BBQ at your tailgating festivities. 

Be a good sport

With enough testosterone and alcohol to fill a super bowl (get it!), tailgating can get out of hand in a hurry. Always keep in mind that everyone is there to have a good time, and to enjoy the experience. There is never an appropriate time for a shouting match, royal rumble or anything of that nature. Keep it classy people, this is tailgating. 

Clean up after yourself!

Last but certainly not least, have some respect for your home turf. We are all part of the home team when we tailgate, so pretend like your designated tailgating space is your actual home! Clean up after yourself, and leave it even better lookin than when you arrived. 

Washington Nationals Tailgating Parking:
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