Anyone who has ever driven in a metropolitan area can tell you that parking sucks. Between the endless circling looking for a spot, the desperate compromises of paying to park in a lot, or the hunt for quarters to feed the meter – should you be lucky enough to find a spot: parking in a city is just painful.

After experiencing yet another unfortunate parking mishap while meeting a client, we decided we’d had enough. A little digging and we realized there are a lot of people who share our sentiments. And while there are plenty of applications out there to help people find parking, there wasn’t really a place to rant about all the horrible things that go along with that process.

It was out of this shared frustration that we created A place to share (anonymously) your worst parking tales, read other people’s stories, and leave feedback. So if you’ve ever had an absolutely miserable experience parking, make sure to check it out and leave your story.