PIE – Parking Today | Chris | AIMS

Chris talks about improvements to parking systems

AIMS – Automated Issuance / Management System


Jeremy: Hey everybody, my name is Jeremy from SpotHero and I’m here at PIE 2012, I’m here with Chris from AIMS

Chris: We are always making improvements to the system where we’ve  got an event uhm, uhm, management system that’s, that’s  new that allows the customer to ahh, to ahh purchase advance ticketing like a few, like if you want to go to a ballgame or

Jeremy: SURE, Yah, YAH

Chris: Something like that, and you can pre purchase ahh, the, the permit online, it print of your own permit, go to, go to the ball park, you’ll know where to park, they can scan you in there, or the, or they can uhm, sell you a permit right from their hand held device.