PIE – Parking Today | Frank IPS

Frank talks about new parking technology


Jeremy: Hello there everybody this is Jeremy from Spothero, I am here with frank from IPS, Frank how is it going?

Frank: Doing great, doing great

Jeremy: doing great, ah we’re here to talk about his company IPS which has some really cool technology right here, can you tell us a little bit about a what you’re stuff does.

Frank: Basically, we took ahh, your traditional parking meter and ramped it up a little bit, the unique thing about this

Jeremy: What

Frank: The unique thing about this meter, it takes a credit card in addition to a coin, ah the best thing about it, cause, i was actually a customer before I became a representative of IPS, is the information that it gives you. You know, when I was a Public Administrator, you’re always guessing were did your money come from, when am i busy? When am I not?

Jeremy: Sure

Frank: The back end system of this system gives me all that information, I know when I’m busy, I know where I can adjust rates, to make maximize my revenue. But, the best thing

Jeremy: That’s fantastic

Frank: The best thing about it from a customer service standpoint is if, if there was something to happen to the meter, it will call me and let me know


Jeremy: ohh. thats great

Frank: So the level of inconvenience that you’re giving to your parking public is now virtually eliminated