PIE – Parking Today | Important Parking Innovation

Jeremy inquires about parking innovations


Jeremy: Excuse me sir, I need to know. What’s single innovation is taking the parking world by storm this year?

First Guy: Universal barcode readers

Second Guy: Uhhm, digital Chalking

Third Guy: Probably pay by mobile

Fourth Guy: A pole mounted censor…retail

Fifth Guy: Uhhm, I guess I would say, automated parking?

Sixth Guy: Well, technology, the IPad, just technology in general

First Lady: Automated parking garages

Seventh Guy: The Q barcode,  and the near touch technology

Eight Guy: It’s gonna have to be some app that I haven’t thought of yet…

Jeremy: Possibly an app called SpotHero?

Eight Guy: Possibly

Ninth Guy: Ahhhh technology

Tenth Guy: Mobile payments, cloud payments, it’s, everyone’s going to the cloud, everyone’s looking to go virtual

Second Lady: You know, let’s get rid of the games, and that said


Our cellphones, our whatever, it’s all gonna be done in a cloud.

Eleventh Guy: There, there are at least a hundred out here. and every booth and every one of them has got an innovation in them, I think people need to come and take a look and see for themselves.

Third Lady: And that’s a wrap.