PIE – Parking Today : Mark McNicholas Federal APD

Mark McNicholas talks about streamlining operations

Jeremy: Hello everybody, this is Jeremy Smith reporting from PIE 2012, I’m here with Mark from Federal APD, Mark, how is it going?

Mark: Good! Good! Nice to meet you

Jeremy: Nice to meet you as well , now that’s amazing 60 years in the business, obviously you’re seeing things change at the very rapid pace, what are some of the new software programs that you’re putting out or just new devices they’re coming out in the next year too that

Mark: Yah

Jeremy: People should know about?

Mark: Yah, good question, I think today, people are trying to to to make their operation far more efficient through automation, so they want to try to use equipment, to do things or people use to do things,

Jeremy: Yah

Mark: But more importantly, they want to be able to control centrally and be able to monitor a bunch of parking facilities

Jeremy: Sure

Mark: from a central location, and the technology that takes advantage of the web and cloud and all the internet stuff that you can still hear about is really where the industry is going, so the ability to collect the data centrally and manage it and audit it from a central location is becoming paramount to the industry, it makes it much more efficient and and and a lot more effective in terms you revenue control