PIE – Parking Today | Peter Young Digital Printing System

Peter Young informs about Digital Printing System


Jeremy: Hey guys, this is Jeremy from Spothero, I’m here with Peter Young from Digital Printing Systems, we’re here at PIE today and I’m just looking to find out a little bit more about your guys company and the fun things going on.

Peter: We do variety of things, we’re focused on revenue collection and control  for the parking industry, and we’ve been doing it for 40 years, we have a great time doing it, we’ve developed a, a wonderful group of clients and friends in the industry and business is good, we’re growing and we’re happy to be here.

Jeremy: That’s fantastic! and sounds like that you came from a little bit far away, out in California, right?

Peter: Yeah we’re based out of Los Angeles and we started the company there and we are there today and ah we’re fortunate enough to do business across the US and across the world for that matter.