PIE – Parking Today | Pierre SKIDATA

Pierre Talks About S web


Jeremy: Hello again everybody, my name is Jeremy Smith from Spothero, and today I’m here with Pierre from SKIDATA, how is it going?

Pierre: Good, super, some of the new systems that were promoting, Is S web

This is a hosted system that allows you to monitor your garage anywhere in the world

Jeremy: Great!

Pierre: To your central location, so, we’ve got clients that basically can monitor their, you know, whether its Singapore, whether it’s Vienna, whether it’s New York, it all comes to a central station.

Jeremy: So will that allow them to see how many people in a lot or will that allow them to make sure, if they can raise the gate anytime

Pierre: More than that,  More than that, it will actually show everything, it will show how many monthlies, how long ah… anything that you can do on the central computer you can now do the S web system which is all done via the cloud.

Jeremy: Fantastic 

Pierre: It’s all web base stuff, you know

Jeremy: Sure.