PIE – Parking Today | Ruth Beamen Integra Park

Ruth Beamen talks about Integra Park


Jeremy: Hello there everybody my name is Jeremy from Spothero, I’m here with Ruth from integrapark. Ruth, how is it going?

Ruth: Wonderful, wonderful, were having a great show today.

Jeremy: Fantastic! So I’m really excited to be with Ruth here today, because her company has an amazing new product out called Rome.

I was looking to hear a little bit more about it from you.

Ruth: Rome is a live cloud-based feed from your equipment that lets you know anywhere you are, exactly what is going on at your garage

Jeremy: So I could know maybe how many people are there; How much money I’m making?

Ruth: Absolutely, everybody that has been there for the day, that’s already left, it keeps the constant run of all the information.

Jeremy: That’s fantastic!

Ruth: Occupancy by transient, by monthly, by lane, who’s come in what lane, left what lane, how they paid Whether it was cash of credit card.