PIE – Parking Today | Tom Carter Toledo Ticket

Tom Carter talks about new developments with parking


Jeremy: Hello Everybody, This is Jeremy Smith reporting from PIE 2012 here in Chicago, Illinois. I’m here with Tom from Toledo Ticket.


Tom: Well, we are a 102-year old 5-generation family owned business. We manufacture tickets of every description. Tickets, Tags, Plastics, Window stickers, anything that has to do with the ticketing industry. Most specifically the parking industry, we can manufacture.


Jeremy: And I can definitely vouch for that as I came from the parking lot today. I pulled my ticket and sure enough it was from Toledo ticket.


Tom: That’s right. Glad to hear that.


Jeremy: (Laughs)

So, I want to kind of get an idea of what are some of the things, the new developments in your company and where is this industry kinda heading?


Tom: Technology is a big thing in this industry, anything hi-tech. We know that tickets, paper tickets, eventually or is quite possibly are going to go away so we are working toward things that will support the industry and still support our business. For example, we have partnered with Transcorp, the RFID pioneers and we are now embedding a Transcorp RFID chip into plastic hang tags, marketing those to colleges, universities, municipalities, hospitals, private operators and a number of other users as well