Pitchfork Festival Parking

Pitchfork Music Festival Parking Options

The festival is held in Union Park from July 13th to the 15th.  Parking at hotels average $50 a day and the average non hotel parking garage is $34 a day.  We’ve got options for large buses and trucks too.  

Union Park Parking

You’re staying in Chicago and need parking for the weekend festival.  Union park parking is going to be mobbed.  Check out all the available parking options across Chicago and see if it’s convenient to where you’re staying.

Parking options Across Chicago

We don’t just have Pitchfork Music Festival parking at Union Park.  We’ve got options across the entire city.  This way you can check out the option that is best for you depending on where you’re staying in Chicago.  If you have any questions about PitchFork Festival Parking, please email us info@spothero.com or call 312-566-7768

I had some ideas for how this could be very beneficial for folks to know about going to the festival especially since we have options as low as $6 per day.