Safe and Sound: How to Protect Your Presents for Travel

If you are one of the millions of people hitting the road to spend holidays with family and friends, chances are you will not be arriving empty-handed. If you are giving gifts this holiday season, here are a few reminders and helpful hints to ensure your precious presents arrive safely— and in one piece.

Consider Gifts Before You Hit “Buy”

That elaborate crystal sculpture is very thoughtful, but consider: how’s it getting to the recipient? Can you ship it directly, or is it up to you to carry it across three states? Save yourself the hassle by picking gifts that are easier for you to transport; look for things that are small in size, already boxed, or soft and fold up easily. Future you will thank you for thinking ahead!

Carry What You Can’t Bear to Lose

If you are plane-bound this season and are bringing gifts with you, consider carefully what you choose to carry on and what you will check if necessary. Items that cannot be replaced or must arrive by the holidays should be kept with you, while other, less fragile, or less valuable items should be stowed or even shipped. 

Wrap Presents at Your Destination

If travel is shaping up to be an odyssey of epic proportions, don’t add “perfect gift wrapping” to your pre-travel checklist. Bring your gifts unwrapped, and wrap them at your destination instead. If you’re worried about not having access to supplies, throw a few gift bags in your suitcase, or grab some wrapping tissue paper, which is sold in small flat packages that are easy to transport.

Shipping Tips!

We know that it’s tempting to take everything to a shipping center or store and have them pack it for you to save time. But with the increase in people shipping items this time of year, this could cost you time as well as money. Pack your boxes yourself before you head to your shipping center of choice. Many shipping companies will also let you make and print labels in advance, all you have to do is drop them off at the store! Not sure if you’ve packed everything securely? Test it before you go by closing the box and gently shaking it. If you don’t hear the contents move, then you’re ready for shipping!

If you simply cannot figure out how to pack an item to ensure it arrives safely, try to visit at an off-peak time (Hint: weekends and weekday afternoons are typically busiest).

Happy holidays!