Red Bull Arena Parking Guide

Book Parking Online to Save Time and Money

red bull arena parkingFinding a great parking spot at Red Bull Arena at a good price is easy when you trust the pros at SpotHero. There’s nothing like getting to your seat with plenty of time before seeing the Red Bulls take to the pitch, secure in the knowledge that you are parked in a spot where you won’t have to worry about a parking ticket or the like. Not to mention, you didn’t waste valuable time circling around trying to find a place to park — because you already reserved your parking in advance with SpotHero. Order a beer, watch the pre-game festivities, and relax!
red bull arena parking
Red Bull Arena is a great addition to the growing number of soccer-specific stadiums in the United States. With just 21 feet separating the first row of seats from the touchlines, it’s designed to be a more intimate experience than larger stadiums might bring. All seats are protected from inclement weather and the concessions are first-rate. The New York Red Bulls are one of the top clubs in Major League Soccer — get tickets, then get your parking!


Book Red Bull Arena Parking on Your Phone

spothero iphone appThe easiest part of getting to Red Bull Arena might just be reserving your parking space. Take advantage of the free apps for iPhone and Android devices that SpotHero offers to secure your parking without any problems or hassles. Surf on over to the iTunes Store or Google Play and download the free app that gets you a parking spot to beat the last minute rush. Isn’t technology great?


Red Bull Arena Parking Resources

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Transportation HUB: General parking map for Red Bull Arena.
Yelp: Reviews about the stadium and parking situation.
Harrison Parking Center: Convenient for Red Bull matches. Sure, Red Bull Arena is in New Jersey, but this site has helpful info, especially if parking then taking mass transit.