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How Do I Redeem My SpotHero Reservation?

You’ve made a SpotHero reservation, and you’re ready to go. You head out the door, except one question remains: what do you do now?

You may not realize it, but there are different ways to redeem your SpotHero reservation. For example, some parking garages have valet attendants that verify your SpotHero reservation, while other facilities have scanners that allow you to scan in and out with a QR code. So how do you redeem your SpotHero reservation?

After you book your reservation, you’ll get a parking pass that explains entry and exit details. We’re here to help you decipher that parking pass and the different types of spaces you will come across so you can park smarter with SpotHero!


QR code/Bar Code redemption

Some parking facilities are equipped with scanners that let you enter and exit using the QR code in your SpotHero parking pass. This means you can use your smartphone to scan in and out.

Wondering how to use a parking scanner? When you arrive at the garage, pull up to the scanner. Bring up your SpotHero parking pass on your phone. You will see a QR code or a bar code in the top corner.

The code will look something like this:

Scan your code, and the garage gate will open!

Pro tips for using a parking scanner:

  • Click the QR code to display it more prominently.
  • Turn up the brightness of your screen.
  • Hold your phone about 2 inches away from the scanner.


A valet location will say it is a valet garage at the top of the reservation. Another way to check is in the “amenities section of your parking pass. If you see this “key” symbol you have chosen a valet spot. This means an attendant will park your car for you.

When you arrive at the parking facility, show the valet attendant your parking pass. You’ll be given a ticket–be sure to hang on to it. When you return, hand your ticket to the valet attendant (you might need to show your SpotHero parking pass again) and your car will be retrieved for you. Easy-peasy!

Pro Tip: Valets are very convenient and easy to use. However, it might take a few extra minutes to get your car back, compared to a self-park option.

Attendant Validation

Some SpotHero spaces work just like a regular parking garage. If your parking pass has this symboltake a ticket when you enter. On the way out, you show the parking attendant on duty your SpotHero rental id number– either in person, if it shows this symbolor by using the call box at the exit gate, if it shows this symbol .

The gate will lift, and you’re free to go!

Pro Tip: Your rental id number is on your parking pass right under the entry/exit times

License Plate Redemption

Does the first step on your parking pass look like this? You’re at a license plate spot! This means you type in your license plate information when making your reservation, and the parking facility redeems your SpotHero reservation by matching up your license plate to your SpotHero rental id number.

When you’re ready to park, pull into the garage or lot and park your car in any spot that doesn’t say ‘reserved’. You’re all set! These spaces don’t require any additional steps on-site. When you’re ready to leave, you can just drive out of the parking facility.

Pro Tips:

  • No need to include the state in your license plate number
  • Double check to make sure you entered your plate correctly
  • Entered a number/letter wrong in your license plate?  You can easily change by hitting the “change” button on your parking pass.

Your SpotHero Questions Answered

No matter what type of space you have, your parking pass holds the key to help you figure out what to do once you arrive. Refer to the “how to redeem” section for details specific to your parking spot.

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