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RV, Trailer and Bus Parking in Chicago

Monthly and daily spots available within the city!

As you might imagine, it’s a bit difficult to find a parking spot for RV’s, trailers and busses in the City of Chicago. While there are a good amount in the surrounding suburbs, within the actual city it’s slim pickins. This post is dedicated to the few but available, long term and short term parking options for over-sized vehicles in Chicago. I think you will be surprised by just how many options there are. If you ever come across any that we have left out, please contact us and let us know. Happy “wide-load” parking!

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Long Term / Monthly parking

SpotHero: Your parking pros in Chicago have a great option for over-sized vehicles in the city. Our top location that has monthly options is 944 W. Belmont in Lakeview.
*Please note that this lot is sectioned off with regular sized parking spaces, and you will be charged as many spaces as your vehicle takes up. 

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StorageMart: A high quality storage facility with RV parking just northwest of downtown in the heart of Goose Island. There is 24hr gate access, an on-sight residential manager and secured video surveillance. 

LifeStorage: A great river north location for storing your large vehicle. 24hr access available with on site managers and surveillance cameras.  

AutoTruck and Storage: Just off the Dan Ryan expressway at 66th street is the family run storage business of AutoTruck and Storage. They have room for RV’s, trailers, trucks, boats and anything in-between. This is a good low cost option, but it is a bit further away from downtown. Most spaces are outdoor.

Extra Space Storage is a popular chain of storage facilities located all around the city of Chicago. The three closest locations that offer RV and trailer long term parking are 7100 West 60th StreetBedford Park and South Holland.

American Self-Storage: Locally run storage facility, they have large vehicle space. Just a short ride from downtown. Video surveillance, 24hr access and storage insurance available.

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Short Term / Daily Parking

SpotHero: The locations is 944 W. Belmont in Lakeview. *Please note that this lot is sectioned off with regular sized parking spaces, and you will be charged as many spaces as your vehicle takes up.  

Soldier Field: A great option if you are visiting the Field Museum, Adler Planetarium or downtown Chicago. There are early bird rates and plenty of options for your RV, trailer or bus.  

One last note when looking for parking in a big city is to always check the local Craigslist. You never know if someone has extra space and if they are looking to get rid of it for cheap. Browse around – you never know when something could pop up!

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