Sears Tower Parking

Sears Tower Parking…I mean, Willis Tower Parking!

The Willis Tower address is 233 S Wacker Dr Chicago, IL 60606

Parking in the area can be as high as $40.  (Parking averages $34 a day in the area).  You can use SpotHero, to search available Sears Tower parking options in the area.  Check out the prices and descriptions of each location and save money by booking in advance. Depending on the time of day you arrive, you can reserve parking for only $6!!!

$8 for 24 hours on Sat/Sun literally across the street!

$6 for 24 hours on the weekends 2 blocks away

$8.22 arrive after 2pm less than 2 blocks from the Sears Tower

$19 only Monday through Friday less than two blocks away for 12 hours!!!  This is better than the early bird specials in the area!!

Click the link below to reserve cheap parking near the Willis Tower.

Reserve Willis Tower Parking 

But seriously what do you call the Tower? Is it Willis Tower or is it Sears Tower? It’s officially called the Willis Tower and the sign has changed and says “Willis Tower”. That said, it’s hard to break a couple of decade habit and most people in Chicago still refer to the “Willis Tower” as “The Sears Tower”. I definitely still call it the Sears Tower and so do all my friends. Either way, whether you call it the Sears Tower or Willis Tower, you can find cheap parking nearby with with SpotHero.

Photo from Flickr