How to Sell Parking on SpotHero

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Did you know you can sell your parking space with SpotHero, too? Don’t let your empty spot at home go to waste.


To Rent Your Parking Space Today…

1. Fill out our Sell Parking Form

Let us know where your parking spot is and when you’d like to rent it out.


2. Reach thousands of drivers

Your spot will be advertised to thousands of drivers on the SpotHero app & website.


3. Get paid

Receive a check of direct deposit once a month for an easy way to make extra money.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I set the rates and availability myself?

Of course. You know when your spot is available, and when it’s not. We’re flexible with your schedule.

SpotHero has an analytics team dedicated to providing you optimal rates so you can make the most money possible off your parking spot. We’ll work with you to list the best price.


When should I sell my parking spot?

This is entirely up to you. You can sell your spot just for events, only on certain days of the week, for monthly blocks of time, and anywhere in between. We’ll recommend rates that cover all situations, and we can narrow down what makes sense for your location and lifestyle.


How much should I charge for my spot?

SpotHero will provide you with rate recommendations to help you sell the most parking possible. While we provide recommendations, the rates and availability are up to you. Plus, you can change them at any time through your dedicated account manager.


What if I need the parking spot?

You can pause your spot(s) at any time through your online account. If something comes up last-minute, your account manager will always be able to help you.


What are the fees for listing my spot on SpotHero?

It costs nothing to get your spot live on our app and website.

We do take a small commission on every transaction:

Monthly Parking – SpotHero takes 15% plus $0.99
Event or Hourly Parking (Reservations less than $10) – SpotHero takes 20%
Event or Hourly Parking (Reservations greater than $10) – SpotHero takes 20% plus $0.99

Included in these fees are credit card processing, full-time access to a dedicated account manager, access to online sales reports, signage, full suite of marketing initiatives, etc., to help you capitalize on frequent national demand.


How and when do I get paid?

Your payment will be sent out by SpotHero on the first business day of each month. Payment will be sent for any parking reservation that ended during the previous month. The easiest way to receive payment is via ACH payment, directly to your account. We can also send out a check. Those just take a few days longer to arrive.


How will drivers find my spot?

Our team will ensure we have detailed directions to get the driver to the right spot. Any details or directions you can provide will help out, too. Additionally, we can provide signage to show customers where to park, and warn folks who have not paid for the spot to stay away.


Is this legit or a scam?

Definitely legit. If you’re uncertain, try us for a couple of weeks. You can cancel any time.


Can I sell a street parking space on SpotHero?

Not currently. SpotHero is a platform for buying and selling off-street parking spots.


I’m in! How do I sign up?

Fill out our form and someone will contact you with next steps!