Screen Scares: Unforgettable Spooky Transportation in Film and TV

As Halloween creeps closer, SpotHero is revving up for the season by exploring the ghostly rides that send shivers down our spines. Join us as we delve into our hand-picked selections of ghostly rides straight from your beloved TV shows and movies, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine. Read on…. if you dare…

Johnny Blaze’s Chopper— Ghost Rider

This iconic bike is the prized possession of stuntman-turned-spirit-of-vengeance Johnny Blaze, AKA Ghost Rider. Cursed after making a deal with the devil to save the life of a loved one, Blaze transforms into a demon with a flaming skull for a head to enact vengeance on evildoers. His beloved chopper transforms with him, allowing him to perform even more daring stunts, including riding up the sides of buildings!

Jim Hopper’s Police Truck— Stranger Things

This brown police truck looks perfectly ordinary, but it has been involved in numerous quick getaways, break-ins, and monster fights orchestrated by Jim Hopper, the police chief of the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. As this seemingly idyllic 1980s small town is forced to grapple with monsters from an alternate dimension, the Upside-Down, Hopper’s solid and reliable Chevy Blazer truck has repeatedly swooped in to save the day. 

The Mystery Machine— Scooby Doo

A distinctively groovy car, the mystery machine is the transportation of choice for the mystery-solving team, the Scooby Gang: Fred, Velma, Shaggy, Daphne, and Scooby Doo. With its bright floral aesthetics and its tendency to break down in very spooky locales without preamble, the Mystery Machine is as iconic as Fred’s neckerchief. Zoinks!

Ecto-1— Ghostbusters

You probably remember the song and this car’s distinctive siren. The Ecto-1 is the vehicle of choice for the Ghostbusters, the ghost-hunting team ridding New York of spooks, specters, and ghosts. When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, the iconic ghost-fighting team grabs their proton packs and heads out in this former-ambulance-turned-ghost-fighting machine. Just don’t forget who to call!

The Packard—The Addams Family

This car is almost as mysterious and spooky as the family that drives it! The very wealthy and wonderfully eccentric Addams family is an odd assortment of characters, most notably passionate parents Gomez and Morticia, devious son Pugsley, and perpetually unimpressed daughter Wednesday. When they aren’t busy shunning convention, conducting ghastly experiments on each other, or writing passionate poetry, they are being chauffeured around town in their sleek vintage Packard…which we have to acknowledge looks an awful lot like a hearse. 

Happy Halloween!