Spot Capitan in Alpha

There is a super stealth startup in the Online Parking reservation industry. It is SpotCapitan.   SpotCapitan looks like they are going launch online parking reservations in San Francisco, Chicago, and London.   The “Choose a Direction” call to action on the site causes you to steer the ships wheel in one direction.  Depending on the direction you turn the ships wheel, you are prompted with more information to either find a parking space or list a parking space.  Of any parking company on the entire resource list, they definitely win for theatrics and best graphics.

Not sure why it is SpotCapitan and not SpotCaptain which Sorbus pointed out in his comment on Hacker News in the only article I could find about this company.  They also have a twitter handle!/spotcapitan.

I’m going to go ahead and add them to the Parking Resource list here, but if anyone has anymore information on them, please let me know.