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SpotHero Adds Valet Parking at O’Hare

Drop your car when you leave – have it waiting when you land!

Driving to O’Hare Airport? SpotHero now offers valet parking at O’hare International Airport, through a partnership with Pride Parking. O’Hare valet parking is very similar to any other venue or restaurant that offers valet. What is different, is you will have to call ahead and let the valet know when you will be arriving to the airport, and when your flight will return. Worried about a delayed flight coming home? No worries, the valet will track your flight, and they know if you are 20 minuets late, or two days late! (let’s hope you’re not two days late) Once you land at O’Hare, the valet will be waiting with your car. It might even have a fresh car wash!

* Note: You will drop your car off at 3950 N Mannheim Road, then take the on-site shuttle to the airport. 

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How O’Hare Airport Valet Parking Works

• Reserve your valet parking at O’hare airport• Drop your car off at 3950 N. Mannheim Road and show your SpotHero reservation to the attendant
• The O’hare Airport valet service will shuttle you to the airport and park your car for you
• When you return to O’hare Aiport, they track your flight, call when you arrive, and tell you where to meet them
• The service will take you from the airport directly to your car

O’Hare Airport Car Wash Available

And you thought it couldn’t get any better! If you reserve valet parking at O’Hare, you have the opportunity to have your car looking fresh and clean with a car wash. With different car washing options and rates, you can choose the right wash for you and your car. 

Car Wash Menu: 

Express Wash – $5.95
Machine Wash & Dry

Basic Wash – $12.95
Hand wash, towel dry, wheels cleaned and tire shine

Deluxe Wash – $19.95 
Basic Wash Plus, Underbody Wash, Floors Vacuumed, Windows Cleaned, Dash and Door Jambs Wiped

Wax – Cars: $69.95  Vans & Trucks: $79.95
Deluxe Wash Plus, Triple Foam Clear Coat Sealant Wax, and Armor All Body Shield

Interior Treatment – $119.95
Deluxe Wash Plus, Shampoo & Steam Cleaning of Upholstery & Carpeting, Conditioning of All Leather, Vinyl, & Plastic

Full Detail – $199.00
Interior Treatment & Wax Plus, Removal of Bugs, Tar & Road Grime

O’Hare Parking Valet Rates

The valet rate starts with a flat rate of $60, which covers the cost of the valet. After the valet charge, a charge of $7 per day is added. Right now SpotHero requires a minimum two-day reservation, which comes out at $74. If you have any questions regarding this parking option, or any other O’Hare parking options we have available, feel free to give our Customer Heroes a call at 312.566.7768. 

Valet Etiquette

Always asking yourself and your friends how much you should tip a valet? We do too, which is why our very own Mark Lawrence has created a guide to valet etiquette. Check out his guide to valet etiquette, and never doubt yourself again!

O’Hare Airport Parking Guide

For more info on parking at O’hare, check out our friends over at parking.chicago.com. They have an extensive O’Hare Airpot Parking Guide that outlines different rates, companies, apps, and more. Happy Parking!