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SpotHero Parking Amenities and
Spot Details Explained

Looking to reserve a parking spot with SpotHero? You may not realize it, but there are a bunch of different parking options and amenities to consider, from garages and lots to self-park and valet. For example, do you prefer a covered parking spot in a garage or an open-air lot? Do you want to self-park your own car or have it valeted? Do you need an EV-charging station? Whatever your parking preference, we’ve got you covered.

Below you’ll find a breakdown of all the different parking amenities and details to consider when booking your spot.


Understand the Spot Details

When you’re considering several parking spots, you want to take a good look at the spot details for each location. After you click on a spot, you can find all spot details in the first tab:

spot details

The spot details include the following helpful information:

  • Parking facility address
    • This is the address of the actual building or facility. Be aware that it can sometimes be different than the entrance address for the garage or lot. The entrance details will be noted under the ‘Getting There’ tab (see below).
  • Map & Directions
    • Step-by-step directions are included so you can easily navigate to your spot. GPS isn’t always reliable in some areas, so it’s useful to have the directions handy.
  • Photo of the parking facility and its surroundings
    • Check out the photos of the parking facility before you arrive so you have an idea what to look for. Our customers tell us this is one of the most helpful features of the spot details.
  • Things You Should Know
    • The details under “Things You Should Know” vary by location. Be sure to read them closely before booking.
  • Amenities – all the different types of spot amenities are explained below:
    • Parking Type
      • Valet: an attendant will park and retrieve your car for you
      • Self Park: you will park your car yourself
      • Valet Assist: a valet may assist in parking your car during busy hours
      • Mobile Pass: scan your pass at the garage to get in and out
    • In and Out Allowed: you may exit and re-enter garage throughout your reservation
    • In and Out Not Allowed: you cannot exit and re-enter garage during your reservation
    • Handicap Accessible: the parking facility has reserved ADA spaces and access to elevator
    • On-Site Staff: an attendant will be present at the location during access hours
    • Paved: location is paved with concrete
    • EV Charging Available: charging stations are available for electric vehicles
    • Shuttle Available: shuttle transportation to the airport is available from this facility
    • Print-Out Required: for select locations, you need to print off your parking pass and have it present to redeem your reservation

Pro Tip: You can filter your search based on preferred amenities. Here’s what the filter options look like:

spot amenitiesspot amenities

Getting There

This is where you will find step-by-step directions to easily access the parking location. It will provide any distinctive things to look for and specify what to look for to make sure you are in the correct spot.

getting there


How To Redeem

Depending on the parking facility you choose, there are four different ways to redeem your reservation. These vary by facility:

1) QR code/bar code redemption – use your phone to scan in and out

2) Valet

3) Attendant validation

4) License plate redemption

We will always provide you step by step directions ahead of time of how you will be redeeming your pass. You can find more details on the different redemption types here.

how to redeem


Access Hours

These are the hours of operation for the facility. Not all facilities are open 24/7, so it’s important to take note of each location’s hours before you make your reservation.

access hours


Reserve Parking

If you’re ready to book your spot, click below to get started! If you still have questions, give us a call at 844-324-7768 or email us at Our customer heroes are available 6am-11pm CST any day of the week!

spothero parking amenities


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