SpotHero Android App

SpotHero fans rejoice – the wait is over. Our development of the SpotHero Android app is complete, and ready for download! Head over to Google Play right now to grab the app for free. SpotHero has been making parking easy on the web and iPhones for some time now, and we are excited to extend that hassle free experience to all of our Android friends. You are now able to search, reserve and pay for your parking all from your hand held device. Stuck in traffic on the Stevenson or Eisenhower? Hand your phone off to the co-pilot to reserve some parking to save time and money. Below is a quick guide to the SpotHero Android app. Happy Parking!

After opening the app you will be brought to a screen to input your location and time of when you would like to park. 











You will then be shown the available parking locations based on the time and location you searched. Search around and find the best price by tapping once on the blue markers – once you find a location, click the white box to continue your reservation. 











The “Spot Details” screen is next. This includes a photo of the entrance to the spot, the spot address, the time you want the reservation, the price, the spot information and details for the lot or garage entrance, and your checkout details. If everything looks in order, go ahead and confirm the purchase. 









After you confirm the purchase you will be shown a receipt that includes the rental ID number and spot details. You can access this receipt at all times by opening your account details  – this receipt will also be emailed to you. 












Within the receipt page and the email you will have all the details for your spot. It is important to read through the receipt page as many parking locations can be tricky to navigate and might have additional directions. If you have any questions or troubles with the parking process please call 312-566-7768.

Happy Parking!