And the Winner of Our Car Giveaway is…

We’re always looking for new ways to show our love for drivers. One day, we came up with a crazy idea. What if we gave away a car?


That crazy idea became reality with SpotHero’s car giveaway sweepstakes. Thousands upon thousands entered, and today, we are excited to announce the winner!


Congratulations to Greg S. of Oak Park, IL!



Greg won a brand new Toyota Prius! We delivered the car right to his front door. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how it all went down:



We were so excited to meet our lucky winner and wanted to learn a little more about him:


Congrats again, Greg! Tell us more about yourself! What do you do?

I’m a full time 3rd-year medical student doing clinical rotations in Chicago, IL.


What did you think when SpotHero called to say you were the winner?

Honestly, I thought it was a telemarketer trying to sell me something. After a confirmatory email and a meeting with a couple friendly SpotHero employees, the realization started to hit that I just won a car!


Have you ever won anything before?

The only thing I can remember winning is free coffee and donuts from Dunkin’ Donuts. I also entered a push-up contest in Panama Beach a couple years ago and won tickets to a party. Nothing like a car!


How did you hear about SpotHero? 

I heard about SpotHero from a friend at school. We go downtown a couple times a month, and parking can be hard to find and expensive. When she told me about the app, I downloaded it immediately and have been using it ever since.


Any road trips planned?

Haha I haven’t planned any road trips yet. But it’s sitting pretty in my garage!


Congratulations, Greg! Enjoy your new car!