SpotHero Co-Founder Gets Ticketed and Towed

“It happens to the best of us”
-Jeremy Smith 

From time to time, even the parking Heroes get pinched. This morning around 8:32, Central Standard Time, SpotHero co-founder and parking maven Jeremy Smith, was ticketed, and towed. When asked to comment on the towing, Jeremy Smith shook his head and said, “it happens to the best of us”. Indeed Jeremy Smith, it does happen to the best of us. 

Jeremy has been receiving numerous text messages from friends, family and fans of SpotHero to keep his head high, and also a comical link to, reminding him there are still Heroes out there fighting the good fight! 

Fight Parking Now!

Some quick links to help you fight the pains of parking, or maybe help find your car if it gets towed…

Find Your Towed Vehicle: Simply type in your license plate, make, model, and date it was towed. 

Fight Parking Tickets! Some great tips for fighting parking tickets in the city of Chicago. 

Tricks and tips to avoid parking tickets: From the SpotHero blog, learn some tricks and tips that we have learned over the years that will help you avoid parking tickets. 

Reserve Parking Ahead of Time: Last but certainly not least, you can always reserve a parking spot ahead of time using SpotHero! 

Happy Parking!

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