SpotHero could have saved UNC football players $7200

Over the past three years a group of UNC football players has amassed $13,125 in parking citations. Thats right, $13,125, which equals 13,125 packs of skittles, 130,125 packs of ramen, and 260,250 pieces of bazooka gum. Wow, some pretty depressing numbers there. If only they had known about SpotHero, where you can make parking reservations online, they could have saved thousands of dollars.


Anyways, lets do the math.  With 395 parking citations, and with the average cost of parking on SpotHero at $15, if they had booked their parking spots online they would have only spent $5925. Thats a total savings of $7,200, which is around 7,200 packs of skittles, 72,000 packes of raman and 14,4000 pieces of  bazooka gum. So, UNC football players, if you don’t want any more parking citations, book online with SpotHero; we guarantee to put some extra skittles in your pocket.