Introducing SpotHero For Business — Park For Work Without The Work

For 5+ years, SpotHero has helped drivers find, book & save on parking. Now, we’re making it possible to expense parking, too.


Today we’re rolling out SpotHero For Business, the same SpotHero you love catered to businesses and employees who drive for work. Drivers using SpotHero have been asking us for better ways to separate their work and personal parking expenses, so they can save time and improve accuracy of expense reports.


Businesses already have solutions to managing airline, hotel, rental car and ground transportation for their employees, but those same tools don’t yet exist for parking. Rather than launching something willy nilly, we’ve spent over a year speaking with customers, researching partners and testing potential solutions.


Today, we launch our first in a series of solutions to better address work-related parking. The most exciting release is Business Profiles.


In our iOS app today, and Android in our next release, you can create separate business and personal profiles. Whenever you check out with your business profile, your corporate card will be hit, your pass will go to your work email and your receipt can be seamlessly sent to your favorite expense management tool — including Concur, Expensify and Certify. We hope this will make parking for work easier and faster than ever before.


In addition, at we’ll start rolling out a series of tools to help employers better manage parking spend. Today, employers can invite employees to use SpotHero, and then see data on all parking expenses charged via employees’ business profiles. In the future, we’re exploring more robust tools for businesses that have employees who frequently need parking. We have a long list planned–we just want some time and feedback before we start revealing more functionality.




If you’re interested in giving it a try, connect with me on LinkedIn or contact us here to set up a demo.