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SpotHero for Business: Benefits for Back-to-Work Parking

As offices begin to reopen and companies plan a safe return to work for their employees, the CDC has recommended that people drive, bike, or walk to maintain social distancing guidelines.

With this major shift to driving personal vehicles, we’re worked to make the parking experience safer than ever with a new touchless filter. Now, drivers can reserve parking that does not require touching buttons, surfaces, or interacting with a parking attendant.

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The New Normal: Parking as an Employee Benefit

Companies have begun reaching out for parking management solutions to help their employees feel comfortable commuting to the office. That’s where SpotHero For Business comes in.

What is SpotHero for Business?

SpotHero for Business simplifies business parking for both employees and employers. It’s designed with special features to help drivers easily get from A to B and for employers to manage parking spend at scale.

Here are easily implemented solutions for drivers to safely park at work without breaking the bank:

Commuter Benefits: Park with Pre-Tax Dollars 

Employees paying out of pocket can use their commuter benefits card to reserve daily or monthly parking near the office–without breaking the bank. SpotHero partners with WageWorks, TransitChek, Ameriflex, Navia, Beniversal and eTRAC.

Subsidized Daily or Monthly Parking: Company-Paid Parking

Companies covering parking costs for employees can leverage SpotHero’s network of 7,000+ garages across North America to provide daily & monthly parking at all offices. 

Payment Options: 

  • Credit Card: Daily Parking
  • Centralized Card: Instead of charging an individual corporate card, employees can charge one central credit card. 
  • Invoice – Monthly Parking: SpotHero will source monthly parking near the office and charge your company via invoice. 
  • Individual Card: Employees reserve parking on the SpotHero mobile app and charge their corporate card attached to a business profile to keep work expenses separate. To make expense reports even easier, SpotHero integrates with Concur, Expensify, Certify & Chrome River to automate receipt forwarding

Watch how Sean parks for work with his business profile:

To get started, reach out to for more information on our corporate solutions or check out “SpotHero for Business” in our FAQ section for more.

About SpotHero

SpotHero is the digital parking leader and the largest place to buy and sell parking in North America. Millions of drivers use SpotHero’s mobile apps and website to find, book and access off-street parking in 7,000 locations across 300 cities. Leading mobility companies use the SpotHero developer platform to power seamless parking at scale for fleets, connected cars, and urban mobility solutions. Download the app for iOS or Android.