SpotHero Holiday Jingle:

Parking In A Winter Wonderland

It wouldn’t be the Holidays without gifts, family, and of course, jingles.

This year is no exception. Tune into the jingle of the season created by your friends at SpotHero.


Parking in a Winter Wonderland
Lyrics by: Leah Potkin

– – –

Parking’s scarce

In the city

Searching can

be kinda sh****

A terrible woe,

with spothero no

Parking in a winter wonderland


Gone are days, circling ’round

Here to stay, parking found

We’ll find you a spot

A discount on top,

Parking in a winter wonderland


In the city you can’t find a space

You’ll wanna give up & just go home

then your friend will tell you

…“hey, try SpotHero!”

Cuz it can help you

find a spot right now


Later on

You’ll drive ‘round

To your spot, safe and sound

You’ll enter easily

And park happily

Parking in a winter wonderland

If it’s cold you can choose a valet

And pretend you’re parking royalty

Jealous friends will think you paid a lot

But you’ll say it’s spothero loyalty


If you’re lost

And confused

Feeling not, a bit amused

You’ll call our heroes, they’ll solve your woes

Parking in a winter wonderland

SPOTHEROING in a winter wonderland!