SpotHero Opens New Chicago HQ Office at The National Building: A Collaboration Hub for Employees

Introducing SpotHero’s upgraded HQ! Located on the second floor of The National Building at 125 S. Clark Street, this move is a significant milestone for SpotHero as we continue to grow and innovate within the digital parking industry and the Chicago tech scene.

A key focus of our new office space is fostering collaboration among our employees. In addition to traditional desks and Zoom-enabled conference rooms, we have over 20 open collaboration spaces where our team members, both virtual and in-person, can connect and work together. We’re also offering “hot desk” opportunities in the new office: desks available to anyone who would like to book one for the day, or for employees visiting from out of town.

Leading with Flexibility

Recognizing the changing landscape of work, especially after years of remote work due to the pandemic, we understand the importance of providing a flexible work environment. SpotHero does not intend to be fully remote or fully in-office. Rather, we’d like to be in the flexible middle. We strive to meet everyone where they are, considering commuting, familial and other needs that differ between individuals. The design of our new office aims to support flexibility by providing spaces that enable hybrid collaboration, productivity and creativity.

Not only does our new office prioritize flexibility, but it also offers more space than our previous headquarters! With an additional 5,000 square feet, we now have more room for heads-down work and designated areas for team collaboration. The space itself is characterized by its openness, with impressive 17-foot ceilings.

Fantastic Features

Among the unique features of our new office is the Chicago Backyard, a café-like space complete with a coffee bar, booth-style seating, couches, and a vibrant neon sign. This area is designed to foster creativity and provide a relaxed setting for meetings and discussions.

We also have the Speedway, resembling an arena, which serves as a venue for our all-team meetings.

Additionally,  the new office includes an old bank vault! Left over from the space’s time as the Commercial Bank, it has now been repurposed into a cozy and informal space known as the Vault, where our employees can relax and unwind.

To celebrate the official opening of our new office, we had a soft opening for employees on Tuesday, June 20, followed by the official opening event on Monday, June 26. We’re also proud to announce that SpotHero’s logo has been added to the building signage!

Historic Heritage

Our journey to this new office began in April 2017 when we first moved into The National Building. Just nine days after settling in, we acquired Parking Panda, marking two major milestones for our company.

The National Building is historically significant, having been appointed as a registered Chicago landmark in April 2016. Constructed from 1906 to 1907, The National Building was originally designed for the Commercial National Bank. After the company merged with the Continental National Bank in 1910, they moved to another location on LaSalle. The National Building became the new headquarters for ComEd until 1969.

SpotHero’s new headquarters represents an exciting chapter in our company’s growth and commitment to creating a collaborative and comfortable work environment. With its unique features and thoughtful design, our new office will undoubtedly inspire creativity and foster teamwork among our employees.