SpotHero Partners with Moovit

The alarm blares across the room. Sleeping in is not an option today; he’s on a tight schedule. He turns off the screeching alarm and switches into overdrive: stretching and opening his phone to check the best route to work.

Moovit illuminates the screen and displays the most efficient ways to get to work early. Turns out driving is the best option, so the sleek silver sedan leaves the driveway and initiates the long commute into the city. Podcasts place the driver on auto-pilot while traffic remains steady.

Thanks to the latest partnership between Moovit and SpotHero, he is able to find your facilities easier than ever.

SpotHero partners with Moovit to deliver end-to-end customer experience.

We here at SpotHero are excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Moovit – the #1 worldwide mobility app – to add parking into their door-to-door urban transit offering.

Moovit users will be able to leverage SpotHero’s network of parking facilities to make driving, parking and riding public transit simpler. Though they started out focusing on real-time public transit paths, Moovit found through research and surveys that a majority of their customers wanted to add park-and-ride into their mix.

What does the Moovit and SpotHero partnership mean for your business?

As a result of this integration, SpotHero is exposing your facilities to more customers than ever.

In this first stage of our partnership with Moovit, your facilities on SpotHero will appear in the Moovit app – this means we’re sending you new drive-up customers. Moovit traffic is an additional revenue channel we’re able to offer on top of funneling in customers through our platform. You are now capturing a new audience through the world’s #1 transit app in addition to benefiting from exposure on the SpotHero platform – and together, you, SpotHero, and Moovit will keep those customers parking through a better user experience.

The first Moovit market to launch the SpotHero integration is the San Francisco Bay Area with plans to expand in the next year. Customers in these markets will be able to find parking with you faster, easier, and more efficiently.