SpotHero Rolls Out Off-Street Parking Solutions for Fleets

Carshare services and delivery fleets can now seamlessly access off-street parking. The industry’s first parking-as-a-solution has launched to give fleets of all sizes off-street parking solutions at scale. Together with our network of off-street parking partners, we are solving a universal problem by enabling off-street facilities to provide parking to the companies behind delivery vehicles and high-demand carsharing and transportation services. Fleet parking is now sitting in the driver’s seat, ready to go.

“The service provides access to gated parking facilities to provide more pickup & drop-off points for shared cars.”

Kirsten Korosec, TechCrunch

What Does Fleet Access Technology Mean?

When fleet vehicles approach the off-street parking entry at any SpotHero for Fleets-enabled facility, the vehicle can automatically open the gate – making parking easier for the customer and carshare service. Fleet access technology transforms the car – regardless of driver – into the “ticket”. This interaction takes place without the driver rolling down their window to pull a ticket or make a payment. What this means for the future is that off-street lots and garages are preparing for autonomous vehicle parking with zero driver input.

Keep Your Equipment and Add Revenue

SpotHero for Fleets enables PARCS equipment currently in the facility to seamlessly talk to the incoming fleet vehicle – a plug-and-play integration powered by the leading parking mobility platform in North America. As delivery vehicles and carshare services become more popular, they will need a place to park while waiting for the next driver.

“Deloitte predicts that by 2030, there will be more shared vehicles than personally-owned vehicles in urban areas.”

Buckle up for the future of parking with more cars parking in off-street facilities and parking for shorter periods. During the day, commuters park for eight hours, on average. With fleet parking, parking is more frequent and opens up that stall for higher turnover. As the vehicles enter and exit more frequently than other cars, the PARCS will record that car’s session.

The future of parking means that the mobility methods people prefer will be easily accessible and ready to use upon their convenience. Solving for the customer experience means solving for the future.