SpotHero & The Parking Spot Take Off to Improve the Travel Day

Labor Day brings Americans out of their cars and into the sky. The holiday week, which marks the end of summer for many, is expected to see over 17.5 million travelers at the nation’s airports. All of these travelers share a commonality: they all need to get to and from the airport.

The travel day looks different for each person. While some adventurers live close to the airport and prefer to take rideshare, many travelers drive their own cars to make getting to and from the airport easier and more convenient. To improve the travel day experience, SpotHero and The Parking Spot are partnering to help eliminate a layer of stress added onto an already stressful day.

Improving the Travel Day Experience

SpotHero and The Parking Spot share a vision to make travel less stressful and more enjoyable for passengers. Driving remains a preference for many travelers as overpopulated airports increase rideshare fees and decrease drop-off zones on top of the existing serging layers of unpredictability built into the travel day. Millions of customers who choose to eliminate travel day stress and park their car at the airport are now able to find, reserve, and pay for their Parking Spot reservation ahead of time using the SpotHero app and website.

“We are excited about the opportunity to introduce millions of SpotHero users to The Parking Spot airport experience.”

– Lauren Rocklin, Senior Vice President of Marketing at The Parking Spot

In addition to working to provide top quality customer service and innovation, The Parking Spot empowers their customers to have a superior airport parking experience at 35 conveniently located, well-lit facilities at 23 of the most popular US airports, optional valet service, luggage assistance, and a highly frequent shuttle service to quickly transport them from the off-airport facility to their terminal.

SpotHero customers are now able to book parking with one of the biggest off-airport operators in the nation and benefit from high-quality amenities. By adding a new customer base to their typical business traveler, The Parking Spot is maximizing their revenue all week long.

The travel day is stressful enough without having to worry about getting to and from the airport.