Spring Break Road Trip with SpotHero

While COVID isn’t completely in the rearview mirror yet, venturing out is becoming safer and more hopeful. With warm weather on the horizon, many people may be planning on traveling safely and getting out of their house after a long winter. Even if you aren’t ready to hop on a plane just yet, you can see new sights from the comfort of your own car this spring break. We’ve rounded up a list of ways to prepare for the journey and enjoy the ride!

1. Create Your Ideal Route

Spring is a great time of year because the snow has melted, flowers are blooming, wildlife is coming out, and you can easily enjoy the best views. Some of the best routes to take in the spring are:

  • Pacific Coast Highway
  • Newfound Gap Road, Great Smoky Mountains region
  • Crater Lake, Redwood National Park, Oregon Dunes
  • Upper Peninsula of Michigan
  • Grand Circle Road Trip

2. Draft Your Packing List

The first way to ensure your Spring Break trip goes smoothly is by planning your trip essentials ahead of time. Cooler? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Headphones? Check. Consider who you’re traveling with and how to best accommodate your road trip buddy.

First time traveling with a partner? Pick up a game that can be played on the road like We’re Not Really Strangers to keep the conversation going during your first trip together. Don’t forget to ask others along the way to take pictures of you together to remember your first trip together.

Taking your pup this time? Don’t forget to pack their leash, food, toys, doggie bags, and all of their essentials. Finding a comfy backseat dog bed is essential to letting your pup get comfy and rest in between stops. And don’t forget the treats!

3. Create the Ultimate Spring Playlist

As you map out your road trip route, think of how long you’ll be in the car each day and what sites you may be passing. Typically the car’s copilot controls the tunes, but this time, work with others beforehand to create a curated playlist with hours of songs so you both can enjoy.

4. Plan Your Parking in Advance with SpotHero

SpotHero is located in over 300 cities across North America, including near hotels, neighborhoods, airports, and more. Booking parking ahead of time gives you an address to plug into your GPS and gets you exactly where you need to go, no need to circle the block! The SpotHero app is now available on Apple CarPlay, making booking from your dashboard easier than ever as you near your next destination.