Spring Cleaning: Car Care Tips for Spring

Spring has sprung! After a long, snowy, icy winter it’s finally time to clean off that road salt, spruce up your car, and protect it from wear and tear. Save money with these do-it-yourself tips to tidy up your car and leave it spotless!

1. Replace Your Windshield Wipers

After a frosty winter, your wipers may be worn from using them to free your icy windshield. Now that spring showers have come, it’s time to replace your wipers and make sure your windshield stays clear in the heaviest downpours.

2. Toss the Trash

Take a warm weekend to go through your car and clean out coins, napkins, straw wrappers, and all the fast-food receipts you’ve let accumulate. Don’t forget to check your glove box, armrest console, and the pockets on the back of each seat. You never know what your kiddos may have hidden in there! A fresh car starts with cleaning up the extra junk you’ve let pile up. This will give you a head start on tidying up the rest of your interior.

3. Suck It Up

Break out the vacuum’s nozzle attachment and suck up all the crumbs, dust, and debris left behind. Make sure to get inside your cupholders, trash bins, under the seats, up on the dash, floor mats, and in the cracks of your car seats.

4. Fix Up Your Floor Mats

One interior area of your car that takes a beating over the winter is the floor mats. Whether from accumulated road salt or melted slush, your mats are due for a cleaning. If you have rubber mats, take them out and spray them down with the hose and let them dry before putting them back inside. For fabric floor mats, use a special car upholstery cleaner to get out all the built-up dirt.

5. Rinse Your Ride

Run by your favorite car wash for a spring cleaning or do it yourself on a nice weekend when the sun is out! Whether you wash your car every time you head to the gas pump or once in a blue moon, take the time to spruce up your ride and wash away all of the debris that has collected over the last few months.

6. Wash the Windows

Take some extra time to wipe down your car windows from the inside. Grab a washcloth and glass cleaner and wipe down the front and back windshields, passenger windows, and sunroof. Don’t forget to wipe down the rearview mirror and side mirrors, too. While you’re at it, wipe down your headlights and tail lights to get a bit more illumination when driving at night.

7. Give Your Tires Some TLC

Take care of your vehicle’s tires by cleaning them with tire foam or gel to remove any leftover salt or slush remnants. Make sure your tires are in tip-top shape and fill them with air if they seem low. Make sure you’ve rotated your tires when they’re ready, too.

8. Time For a Tune-Up

Before you take any long road trips or summer vacations, make sure you check your oil and get an oil change if needed. Make sure to check things like your air filter, battery, lights, and top off your wiper fluid.

Once you’ve spruced up your car for the season – you’re ready to ride! Enjoy the warmer weather and remember to plan ahead for your springtime adventures. Book parking with SpotHero and get where you’re going easier!