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Spring Cleaning for Chicago Streets

Know the schedule, look for the signs, avoid parking tickets

Whether or not the Chicago air feels like it, spring is here, and spring cleaning for the city streets of Chicago has come along with it. This Monday (April 1) will begin Chicago’s spring/summer street cleaning. The posted orange signs on trees will make their appearance once again, and so will the dreaded orange parking tickets if we do not adhere to the cleaning times. SpotHero has found some great resources, and will let you know where and when these cleanings will take place. These are easy tickets to avoid, so lets to it! 

Chicago Street Cleaning Schedule

Their are two main times of street cleaning. For residential parking, street cleanings happen once a month, from 9am – 3pm on the specified day. For Chicago’s main streets, street cleanings happen once a week and last from 7am-9pm. The best way to avoid street cleaning tickets is to know the schedule ahead of time. You can head over to the official website for the City of Chicago to know exactly where and when you cannot park. This site also allows your to sign up for electronic notifications of when street cleanings will be happening in your ward. 

Know your ward

The Chicago street cleaning schedule is broken down into wards. If you are like me, you have no idea which ward you live in. But there is a way to figure it out! There is a great ward look up tool to help you out. After you figure out which ward you live in, you can reference the street cleaning schedule.

Look for the signs

chicago street cleaning signLast but not least, keep your eyes out for the orange street cleaning signs. They are usually posted a few days before the street cleanings happen, which give you enough time to move your vehicle. If you are someone who leaves their car parked for a few days without checking on it, I would suggest walking by more often in the spring/summer. 

Happy spring, and Happy parking!