St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway

Search, reserve, get a shirt!

SpotHero is all psyched up for the St. Patty’s Day Parade this weekend, and we wanted our fans to share our excitement with us. What better way then with some limited edition SpotHero St. Patty’s Day t-shirts! Our standard SpotHero blue t-shirts have been a big hit with our fans and friends, so we are excited to announce this chance to add a little color. The number of shirts are limited, but there will be three ways to snag a SpotHero Kelly Green St. Patricks Day t-shirt! Read on and find out how. 

1. SpotHero Happy Hour

Tomorrow (Friday, March 15th) SpotHero will be having a Happy Hour, from 2-4pm standard central time. Anyone who purchases St. Patrick’s Day Parade Parking during this time will automatically be entered into a raffle to receive a shirt. The shirts will be hand delivered on Saturday morning. Look out for an email early Friday evening to see if your luck came through. 

2. Photo & Post

The second way you can get your hands on a limited edition SpotHero St. Patty’s Day t-shirt is by posting on our facebook wall, or tweeting @SpotHero. Now, it will take more than a simple “I want a shirt” post or tweet. Here is what you gotta do!

First, in order to be eligible, you have to have purchased St. Patty’s Day Parade parking through SpotHero. This is a SpotHero giveaway after all. Second, snap a photo of you and your friends with your SpotHero reservation. If you reserved on mobile, no problem –  just make sure whichever type of reservation you used to park is in the photo. Third, post these photos to our Facebook or tweet them @SpotHero! A SpotHero t-shirt expert will be manning the social media-sphere, ready to deliver the shirts throughout tomorrows festivities. Remember, there are a limited supply, so get those tweets and posts out early!

3. Find the SpotHero Leprechaun

spothero st pattys dayOk, so he might not be as short as an actual Leprechaun, or have a cool outfit like an actual Leprechaun, or be an actual Leprechaun…but he will have some groovy SpotHero Kelly Green t-shirts. If you spot the SpotHero Leprechaun with t-shirts left in his bag, stop him on the street and tell him how big of a fan you are of SpotHero and a t-shirt is yours! Of course, we shall post this on the twittersphere!

Now that you have all the info, get ready for 2pm tomorrow, and the festivities on Saturday.

Good Luck!