St. Patrick’s Day Parade: Jigs, Bagpipes & Green!

Chicagoans ready to bring out the quarter Irish in em!

This Saturday, Chicago will turn into a city of green. Quite literally, with the dying of the Chicago river. One of Chicago’s favorite holidays will bring thousands to the downtown area for the anual parade featuring bagpipe players, Irish Jig Dancers and plenty of pinching for those who do not adhere to the “you must wear green on St. Patrick’s day rule”. 

Irish relatives or not, everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s day; it’s really not necessary to make up some story of a great aunt O’Mally. This weekend Guinness to flow like water, and before the day is through you might have tallied 79 “Kiss me i’m Irish” t-shirts, but everyone will be in a different font. Prepare to hear the theme to the Boondock Saints a dozen times, and if you have yet to hear Dropkick Murphy, you will by the end of the day.

As always, remember to keep it classy, stay safe and have a very happy St. Patty’s Day!  

The river festivities begin at 10am, with the parade officially kicking of at 12 noon at the corner of Columbus & Balbo. 

Parade Parking: It’s a Pinch!

With thousands of people planning to attend the downtown festivities, things can get a little tight. Never fear, SpotHero is here! SpotHero has dozens of St. Patrick’s Day Parade Parking options near the river, and the parade rout. Check out all the options online, or by using the free SpotHero iPhone or Android app. Enjoy the festivities, and let us deal with the circling!

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featured image by: elwarren