Sustainable Stats: Driving Towards a Greener Future

This April, SpotHero kicked off Earth Month by releasing our second annual State of Parking Report. We interviewed over 1000 drivers across North America about their transportation habits to get an idea of what the future of driving and transportation looks like. Here are a few of our favorite highlights and findings to get your Earth Day off to a great start.

Environmental Consciousness is at an all-time high.

Are you reconsidering certain lifestyle choices because of their environmental impact? You aren’t alone! 79.2% of the survey respondents said that they consider the effect that their method of transportation has on the environment, and opt for sustainable choices when they can.

For respondents that had to opt for driving, many said they were looking for more eco-conscious ways to do that, including hitting the brakes! 55.8% of respondents said they were working to avoid driving excessively fast in an effort to reduce emissions.

You can expect to see more Electric Vehicles on the road.

If you are considering a switch to an electric vehicle, you are in good company. There is a marked increase in interest in more sustainable purchases, with 72.4% of respondents saying they are considering an EV for their next vehicle. That is up 25% from our previous survey in 2022!

There are some barriers to making EV use more widespread, such as expense and limited availability of charging stations. However, expected price drops, increased availability of affordable options, and a push to increase charging stations nationwide will likely lead to an overall increase in sustainable travel across the board.

Looking for parking is a source of stress—and everyone wants less stress.

73.5% of survey respondents said that they found parking stressful for a slew of reasons, with finding a spot being the leading cause of parking-related stress. This is understandable; just circling blocks looking for a parking spot can account for a significant amount of traffic, and as much as 30% of total vehicle miles in some areas of the country! 

Expense was another leading cause of parking stress, with 56.3% of respondents saying they find paying for a spot stressful. Another underlying concern is the potential for unexpected fees, such as damage or parking tickets. As many respondents were looking for ways to cut back and save, they were seeking brands that had a high reward with low risk.

Overall, consumers’ priorities are shifting, and drivers are exploring transportation options that prioritize a greener, more sustainable future. 

Want to learn more? Check out the State of Parking Report!