Street Cleaning Chicago

Spring is slowly but surely coming to Chicago, which means it’s time for street parking rules to change: good bye winter parking, hello street sweeping! Beginning April 1, new rules about street parking go into effect, here’s everything you need to know to park with ease!


From April 1 to November 30, street sweepers come through Chicago once a month to clean the streets.

Some streets have permanent signage indicating there are parking restrictions during this period like the one here, but typically notice of 1-3 days is given to residents via temporary signs that are posted at the restricted spots.

Street Sweeping Season Tips and Tricks

Pay careful attention to posted signs and time restrictions. Parking during street sweeping hours can result in a $60 ticket or even a tow! If you aren’t sure if a spot is safe to park in, you can follow the check this street cleaning schedule, or check out the sweeper tracker!

Curious about street parking violations? You can view a full list of parking violations and the fees here.

Click here to learn more about street sweeping season from the City of Chicago, or check out the Department of Sanitation page.

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