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Hittin’ the Road: SpotHero’s Must-Haves for Your Next Road Trip

As travel becomes a greater possibility as cities’ COVID-19 guidelines loosen up, we’re sure you’re eager to get back out on the open road! Preparing for your next cross-country car trip? Maybe just a weekend getaway? Here’s a list of our road trip must-haves:

Phone Charger

No modern car is complete without a handy dandy charger—don’t forget yours! The last thing you want is to be stranded with a dead phone, or worse, without your road trip playlist. Make sure to pack both a wall plug and a car adapter that plugs into your cigarette lighter if you don’t have a USB port!


For long trips, paper maps are a must. Even if you’re a GPS devotee, grab a map just in case. Maps never run out of battery or stop working in low signal areas. Plus, get stuck in traffic? You can use it to plot a quick alternate route without having to see the dreaded word: recalculating.


The only thing worse than getting stuck somewhere is getting stuck somewhere in the dark. Keep a flashlight in your glove box just in case. It’s better to have it and not need it, trust us!


Driving due west on the highway at sunset may look picturesque, but it’s tough on your eyes. Grab the shades—you’ll look amazing and you’ll be able to see when you get to your destination!


It’s terrible to be starving and far from the nearest pitstop. Pack emergency snacks (and drinks) so you don’t resort to foraging alongside the highway. You won’t be sorry!

Last but certainly not least…

A Parking Spot

Avoid the hassle of driving in circles by reserving a guaranteed spot in advance through SpotHero. Plus, with free cancellation up until the minute before your reservation begins, you can get a full refund if you have a sudden desire to hit the road again!

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