Black Innovators Who Influenced Mobility Today

In commemoration of Black History Month, SpotHero is highlighting black innovators who helped change the landscape of mobility. Below are some names you may recognize, as well as some you may not. One thing is certain: without their contributions we would all be stuck in traffic. Bessie Coleman (1892-1926): First Licensed African American, Native American […]

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spothero waze city chicago

SpotHero, Waze and City of Chicago Join Forces to Outsmart Traffic on Chicago’s Multi-Level Roads

Chicago’s Popular Shortcut Now Powered by Waze Beacons, Eliminating Navigation Blackouts Beginning this Labor Day weekend, Chicago drivers will experience seamless navigation through the city’s five miles of multi-level streets, powered by a new collaboration between SpotHero, Waze, and the City of Chicago. Through this partnership, the two mobility companies will install more than 400 […]

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parking future of mobility

Parking’s Spot in the Future of Mobility

By: Mark Lawrence, CEO of SpotHero   Mobility progress doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Parking is there every step of the way too. I believe parking plays an even more foundational role in the future of transportation than the vehicles themselves. That’s why, for SpotHero at least, it’s crucial to work with industry partners and […]

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