tipping the valet

Tipping the Valet – A How To Guide for Valet Etiquette

Valet Etiquette We have all been there.  You’re late to a nice Saturday night dinner in the city and your parking options are limited.  The only choice is the valet in the front.  You approach the busy lot and put your car in park.  You fumble around to get all of your stuff together and […]

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Spot Capitan in Alpha

There is a super stealth startup in the Online Parking reservation industry. It is SpotCapitan.   SpotCapitan looks like they are going launch online parking reservations in San Francisco, Chicago, and London.   The “Choose a Direction” call to action on the site causes you to steer the ships wheel in one direction.  Depending on […]

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Updated – Luna Carpet Man is Acquitted of Ticket

Remember Scott Larsen, the unlucky guy who got a parking ticket while he was feeding the parking meter downtown?  They city saw the video posted by NBC that documented the ticket being issued and they seem to have come to action.  According to The Expired Meter, the city threw out the ticket within 24 hours […]

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Win Two Free Tickets to Bulls v. Spurs!

Do you have a funny parking ticket story?  Let us know, and you will have a chance to win two free tickets to see the Chicago Bulls play the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday February 17th at the United Center! Visit our Facebook fan page and tell us your story.  Post your story to our […]

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The Joy of Driving

Driving is bliss, parking is a pain. That’s why SpotHero will be the perfect compliment to my joy as it eliminates the frustration of searching for that ever elusive parking spot.

Making Streets Better in Chicago’s 1st Ward

Many Chicago politicians claim they have the solutions to all of our issues.  Their arguments are so compelling that it’s hard not to be excited over each way they are going to help.  Once elected to office it seems like their promises vanish, only to deal with issues and concerns deemed more important.  Frankly, most […]

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Getting from O’Hare Airport and Midway Airport to the Chicago downtown

TRAINS: From O’Hare: Locate the signs that lead you to the baggage claim to the CTA Train. You will want to take the Blue Line train (Heading south to Forrest Park). Trains come every 7-10 minutes, and the run most hours of the day. Click to see the official schedule. From Midway: Once again, use […]

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Downtown Chicago Parking

SpotHero offers Discounted and Cheaper Downtown Chicago Parking You can get better downtown Chicago parking rates by reserving your parking ahead of time through SpotHero.  Check out our convenient parking garages and great Downtown Chicago parking rates.  Reserve your parking ahead of time.  Know exactly where you’re going to park and how much you’re going to pay […]

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Paul McCartney Concert Parking at Wrigley Field

Paul McCartney Concert Wrigley Field Parking You can reserve your parking ahead of time for the two upcoming concerts at Wrigley Field through SpotHero.  Know exactly where you’re going to park and how much it’s going to cost.  We have parking spots starting at $10, and most around $35.  We even have parking for 24 […]

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Northalsted Market Days Parking

Parking at Northalsted Market Days Boystown August 13th to August 14th over 100,000 people will attend Northalsted Market Days in Boystown.  This is the largest two day street fair in the entire Midwest!  While many enjoy attending, nobody enjoys looking for a parking space.  Parking is a huge pain.  Streets are blocked off.  The neighborhood streets and […]

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