Terrifying Travel: How to Get Around Using Scary Transportation Methods

Whether you’re planning a fun night out on the town, searching for a unique way to commute to work, or simply yearning for a thrilling ride on the rails, we’ve unearthed some otherworldly options that will make this Halloween season one to remember. So, buckle up (or don’t, depending on your chosen mode of transportation) and prepare to embark on a journey filled with legends, myths, and a touch of the supernatural.

A Fun Night Out

Heading to a show? Well, instead of booking event parking with SpotHero, arrive in style with a ride from the Headless Horseman! This mysterious figure appears heavily in European mythology, but is probably best known in North America as the mysterious figure from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. You’ll make quite the entrance, though we can’t attest to your trip’s safety; it’s hard to obey traffic signals without a head to see them.


Don’t park near your office or take public transit when heading to work. A far better solution is to take the ferry across the river Styx! Originating in Greek mythology, this supernatural raft is the preferred method of transportation for the recently deceased into the underworld. The ferryman Charon has a low, low rate: transport to the land of the dead can be as little as two silver pieces! Fees for a return trip may vary.

Riding the Rails

For those who choose train transit over planes or driving, then don’t use a commuter rail or the local transit, the ghost train is for you! Don’t pick a transportation option that sticks to a schedule, choose the one that appears ominously without explanation. You’ll end up in a place you never expected!

Happy Halloween!