‘Tis The Season for Dibs Parking: Chicago’s Parking Tradition


Chicago has gone 280 days without measurable snow. It’s finally expected to finally snow in the city this week. Since the 1967 historic blizzard, drivers in the Chicago have faced the major issue of parking wars. During the winter season, Chicagoans have difficulty parking and drivers become desperate and aggressive to secure a spot. To reserve a parking spot during snowstorms, drivers will save a spot using ordinary, every day items from a folding chair to a cone, relaying the message — “I’ve got dibs on this spot — keep out!” This happens on side streets in congested neighborhoods and it’s very unfriendly and easily aggravates neighbors. 

Unique to Chicago, is the “dibs” system of snow parking. Chicago “Dibs” is a legitimate but controversial practice based on the principal of if you shovel it out; you have dibs on it. People refer to this practice as parking spot insurance, no questions are asked. Every winter, people have heated debates over the longstanding tradition of “dibs” parking in Chicago. Opinions vary on the subject but most people believe it’s a civil way to allocate parking.

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