TopSpots: Milwaukee

Last week SpotHero announced plans to expand our services to the great city of Milwaukee.  To familiarize ourselves with the city we thought it would be a great idea to begin a new tradition for the SpotHero Blog; thus creating our first in a recurring series called “TopSpots”.  TopSpots will be a brief introduction to the cities in which SpotHero has services. Through on-line research and local testimonials we will bring together our Top 7 spots around the city. We will try to showcase a variety of TopSpots, to show that there is something for everyone!  Why 7? Well…five is too few, and 100 is too many; 7 seems just about right. So, if you are visiting relatives, have business or just passing through, make sure to check out our TopSpots for Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Enjoy!

TopSpot #7: Beer – – Lets face the facts, Milwaukee is very well known for its beer.  Miller Coors and PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) are the big names in town, but there are many other microbreweries around town. Start with the Miller Coors and PBR factory tours, they are American staples and have loads of history at each factory. After educating yourself on the big names, make your way towards the Lakefront Brewery for a smaller scale taste.  All are exceptional, and worth a try!

TopSPot #6: Harley Davidson Museum – – A relatively new attraction (opened in 2008) the Harley Davidson Museum is a celebration of one of Americas classics, and one of the few American products still made in the good ol’ US of A.  The museum has thousands of artifacts from over 100 years of Harley History. Motorcycle enthusiast or not, you will appreciate this one.

TopSpot #5: Milwaukee County Zoo – – Home to over 1,500 animals the Milwaukee Country Zoo is our classic stop on the TopSpots list.  In the heart of the Midwest, it’s hard to come across worldly artifacts, but this zoo has you covered.  With species from around the world, you can fulfill your travel bug and learn a thing or two all in the same day.  A family friendly space, worth the price of admission.  

TopSpot #4: Pabst Mansion – – A beautiful piece of late 19th century architecture the Pabst Mansion was the home of Captain Frederick Pabst, the beer baron of Milwaukee. Complete with furniture, art-work and a price tag of $ 254,000.00 this mansion was a sight to see in 1890’s, and still is to this day.  It is currently open for tours so anyone and everyone can enjoy not only the outside, but the priceless interior decoration and design as well.

TopSpot #3: Miller Park – – Continuing with a beer themed top 7, Miller Park is home to the Milwuakee Brewers of Major League Baseball. While the Brewers do not have an extensive history of success, every game is exciting, and you don’t even have to enter the stadium!  Tailgating is a high priority as some fans do not even make it inside. No worries if the forecast calls for rain as Miller Park is complete with a retractable roof.  Go Brewers!

TopSpot #2: The River Walk – – Spanning nearly three miles along the Milwaukee River this walk is full of restaurants, shopping, and you guessed it, beer! Divided into three paths you can choose from the beerline walk, the downtown walk or the third ward walk.  Enjoy the sights and get some exercise with the Milwaukee River Walk.

TopSpot #1: Milwaukee Art Museum – – Established in 1882 the Milwaukee Art Museum is a staple of the Mlwaukee skyline and the city.  Beautifully designed, it is home to thousands of priceless pieces of art and is a must see when you are spending time in the city.  Located on the lake front, the Milwaukee Art Museum hosts events, galleries, new artist exhibits, art conferences, weddings and everything in-between. A SpotHero TopSpot, it is a must see for Milwaukee.