Toronto Pearson Adds SpotHero Online Parking Reservations for a Better Travel Day Experience

The sun peeks over the horizon as she grabs her keys, luggage, and rushes out the door to start her beach vacation. She knows that mobile apps can help her save time and money by making life more convenient. Since she lives eight miles from Toronto Pearson International Airport, she knows that driving and parking is the cheapest option for the long weekend. Unlocking the smartphone to access her SpotHero parking pass decreases her stress and makes it easy for her to make it to the gate with plenty of time to spare. Her SpotHero reservation eliminates stress by giving her insight into where she’s parking, how long her shuttle ride is, and when she’ll set foot into the bustling check-in area. Thanks to Toronto Pearson and SpotHero, her travel day is off to a great start.

Toronto Pearson International Airport is Future-Proofed

With the mobile revolution taking hold of the transportation industry, it opens up opportunities for companies to partner to improve the customer experience. Toronto Pearson International Airport is just one example of an airport optimizing the journey for better door-to-door customer experience. SpotHero’s taking flight in Canada by partnering with Toronto Pearson to better their door-to-door experience. It is not a secret that travelers need to plan every aspect of their itinerary, including how they get to and from the airport. Toronto Pearson is making driving and parking a vital transportation option that travelers can use to get to the airport, in the event that it’s cheaper or more convenient while providing more control over the travel day.

The newest partnership between Toronto Pearson and SpotHero empower the growing population of those customers who depend on, and expect, mobile apps to manage every aspect of their travel itinerary. Travelers can now book and pay for convenient near-terminal parking on Toronto Pearson facilities using the SpotHero mobile app and Toronto Pearson airport parking page. Making the customer’s journey easier by using voice commands in cars powered by Android Auto and the Google Assistant, travelers can lock down parking and get to the gate faster.

How to Prepare for 2050

As the global population increases, major cities swell. By 2050, Toronto is expected to double in size. With over half of Toronto workforce commuting to the city and Toronto Pearson International Airport seeing close to one million car trips per day, changes need to be made today to prepare for tomorrow. Airports are not the only places reeling from congestion issues. The mobility revolution is driving society forward by giving travelers options that best fits them. While some people are going to take rideshare, some will park. Mobility means customers picking the best option for them.

Toronto isn’t the only major city expected to see a dramatic increase in population by 2050; cities across North America, and all over the world, are expected to swell with congestion. Toronto Pearson International Airport is just one example of what it means to think of the next steps in mobility. What are your next steps?